HB Series Horizontal Hydronic Unit Heaters

Product Information


Beacon Morris offers both steam and hot water unit heaters for residential applications, perfect for the garage, basement, or workshop. Steam and Hot Water Unit Heaters are comprised of a heating coil that is energized by either steam or hot water produced by a boiler or some type of central water heating device.

Hung from the ceiling, a fan mounted behind the coil forces air through the hot coil thus drawing heat out of the coil and dispersing it to the occupied space.

HB Series Horizontal Unit Heaters are ideal for hot water installations. A wide range of outputs and airflows allows virtually unlimited flexibility in job design. Beacon Morris horizontal unit heaters are available in both serpentine and header type units.

Serpentine unit connections are conveniently located on the side, allowing for easy installation close to the ceiling while simplifying piping connections. We recommend putting the heater in an out of the way corner of your garage and our optional OSHA approved fan guard will ensure safety during operation.

Our Serpentine units come in four sizes to fit any size dwelling:

  • HB-108A - 8,030 BTUh
  • HB-118A - 18,400 BTUh
  • HB-125A - 24,800 BTUh
  • HB-136 - 35,900 BTUh

Header type horizontal units range from 18,000 to 360,000 and can operate with either hot water or steam. Both Serpentine and Header units are furnished with totally enclosed motors as standard equipment.


  • Horizontal Louvers Standard
  • Thermostats Feature ‘Off-Auto’ and ‘Auto-Fan-Off’
  • Copper/Aluminum Coils
  • ETL Certified
  • Strap-On Water Control (Optional)
  • Steam Pressure Control (Optional)
  • Vertical Louvers (Optional)