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BRT Unit Heater
Approved for residential use, thousands of homeowners have installed Beacon/Morris BRT units in their garages. By design, our BRT units are compact and fit nicely in the corner of a garage. The unique hanging mechanism allows the installer to mount the unit close to the ceiling, further keeping the heater out of the way of the homeowner.

Most commonly, BRT garage heaters are used with natural gas. If natural gas isn't available, units are available for use with propane as well.

Beacon/Morris unit heaters not only keep your garage environment comfortable, but also may help prolong the life of your car's engine by eliminating cold start-ups in the dead of winter. On many levels, BRT units should be considered as a good investment in your quality of life.

The BRT Unit Heaters offer a highly efficient, extremely durable unit design. These propeller type units combined with the latest tubular heat exchanger and inshot burner technology with the quality and reliability homeowners and installing contractors have come to know from Beacon/Morris Unit Heater products. Model BRT unit is certified by ETL for commercial and residential garage applications. Sizes are offered from 30 - 120 MBH.


  • 10-year warranty on heat exchanger, flue collector and burners.
  • Residential Garage Certification. Units are supplied with OSHA fan guards.
  • Direct Spark Ignition.
  • High Efficiency, with proprietary, single-orifice burner design.
  • 20 - gauge steel jacket with baked enamel finish.
  • 120/24-volt control transformer.
  • 115/1/60 volt fan motor with overload protection.
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