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Why Choose Beacon/Morris?    [ Français ]
Beacon/Morris is well known for producing high quality heating equipment to help you solve the tough and unique heating problems in your home or commercial building. Below is a summary of the fine products we produce at Beacon/Morris.

Twin-Flo III - your compact solution for a cold kitchen or bathroom

Is your kitchen area not quite as warm and comfortable as you would like due to your cabinets taking up wall space that would normally be used for more baseboard radiation? To overcome this situation, you should consider the Twin-Flo III Kickspace heater.

Twin-Flo III is a "mini" fan convector comprised of a hot water heating coil and a blower assembly. Fitting easily within the toe-space of your kitchen cabinets and piped in to your hot water system, Twin-Flo III is set to provide you with many years of quiet, reliable heat. If your bathroom is not quite as warm as you'd like, why not install a Twin-Flo III unit underneath your bathroom vanity? Imagine stepping out of your shower or bath on the coldest winter day knowing your bathroom environment will be comfortably warm thanks to the Twin-Flo III. We also offer special adaptor cabinets which allow you to recess Twin-Flo III in the floor, in the wall, or surface mount on the wall.

Twin-Flo III is available in three sizes: 4200, 8400, and 12,000 BTUh and comes with a 5 year warranty. Made with pride and quality in America, Twin-Flo's blower assembly is constructed of triple sealed ball bearings designed to provide you with years of comfort. Twin-Flo III is UL Approved for your peace of mind.

Floor-Vectors - provides a warm blanket between you and your cold patio door

Beacon/Morris Floor-Vectors recess in to the floor and run parallel to your patio doors or other glassed in areas. Patio doors are great during the day as they let in welcome sunshine and solar warmth. However, on cold winter nights with the sun long gone, the patio door becomes the source of a "cold-zone", most likely in the very living area you utilize to watch television or spend time with your family.

Floor-Vector is designed to capture the cold air as it sinks off the glass. The cold air is then heated up with our mechanically bonded high capacity finned tube within the Floor-Vector and then released to rise back up in front of your patio door to form a thermal blanket between you and invasive cold.

Beacon/Morris Gargage Heaters - residentially approved gas-fired heating unit

Our garage heaters, known as "BRU" unit heaters, follow our theme of providing comfort in hard-to-heat areas. This line of products was specifically designed to be used in your residential garage and is built to be highly efficient as well as durable. "BRU" garage unit heaters are available in a range of sizes: 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90,000 BTUh. This fine product can be vented out the side wall of your garage in order to avoid putting costly holes in your roof. We also have a version that takes combustion air from the outside as well.

Other Beacon/Morris Products

sloped-top commercial finned tube radiation comes with a variety of heating elements ranging from ¾" copper to 2" steel. Available in two heights, 14" and 20", the 20" high enclosure can easily accommodate two rows of finned tube for enhanced heat output for areas where wall space is limited.

Beacon/Morris convectors are engineered for both hot water and steam applications and are great replacements for old cast-iron radiators. Available in many styles and sizes, convectors put out large amounts of heat in a relatively small space. Certain styles may be recessed in to the wall either partially or fully so as not to intrude into the space of the room.

Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters range in size from 18,000 to 700,000 BTUh and are available in both horizontal and vertical discharge. Primarily used for commercial/industrial use, we also offer a serpentine coil unit that is well suited for heating residential garages and even basements or crawl spaces. OSHA approved fan guards are recommended for these types of applications.

Cabinet Unit Heaters are fan forced heating products ranging in capacity from 16,000 to 112,000 BTUh. They come in a variety of cabinet styles including floor mounted, wall mounted, recessed and ceiling mounted. Beacon/Morris cabinet unit heaters may be used with either hot water or steam and are provided with a standard heavy duty 16 gauge steel cabinetry.
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